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The statement of the highest leaders of Christian churches

The 4th of March 2019 was the day when historically second meeting of the highest leaders of the Christian churches and the Central union of Jewish religious communities in Slovak Republic was realized in the Priestly seminar.

The statement of the highest leaders of Christian churches

Slovakia is one of the countries where people realise the meaning of marriage and family, Slovakia is also able to define the damage that is made by the gender ideology. We truly appreciate all the steps that help all the families and marriages.

We, the leaders of Christian churches, want to remind that the gender ideology is a pseudoscientific “teaching” which says that a human being is born as a sexually neutral being. Sex and gender are completely separated in human being and gender is according to this ideology only a cultural construct. From this point of view they say, it is sexual identity of the human being by society declared as the cultural product, which has no basis in human nature.

We remind the part which is important in the case of sharing the gender ideology – the manipulation with language. It happens for example when instead of father and mother, we say parent one and parent two; if we use the terminology marriage in any other case than coexistence of a man and a woman; when instead of the one exact concept of “the violence in families” we talk about violence that is caused by a gender. It is a matter of equity not to twist the reality and the truth.

Accepting this ideology into legislation does not stop these efforts. Their goal is to affect the educating process, so the citizens will consider right all those things gender ideology says. We are confident that it is not possible to exclude upbringing to responsible marriage, parenting and spiritual values from ethical nor religious education, because our community was historically built on them.

We can vanquish gender ideology only if we clearly refuse it and we return to Christian anthropology and effective family politics. In the evangelism of Christ and in the Christian theology we find the truth about human love. We have a serious concern that our country is too phlegmatic about the social value of marriage, parenting and family. In the marriage between one man and one woman, which leads to creation of family, we should be able to recognize the most important values for the society: the unreplaceable gift of human life, the equality of a man and a woman – and to understand their difference as a good.

Because of these reasons we are turning to leaders of public life and to all people of good will so we will refuse every action of gender ideology in legislative and in education process as well. Also, we confirm the statement we made a year ago in which we expressed our conviction about the necessity of refusing the Istanbul convention which abuses the subject of violence to spread the gender ideology.

The Slovak Republic should keep sovereignty in constitutional definition of family values, marriage and equality between the men and the women, but also actively affect the movement of the European union’s evolution, by its statements. Therefore, when it comes to negotiations in the institutions of European union or any other international organizations, we request that Slovakia would send delegates and representatives that are clearly able to declare disagreement of the Slovak Republic with this gender ideology, they would not allow to interfere into these values that are accepted by our Constitution.

In Badín, March 4th 2019

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